Vegan Carrot Dogs
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    Bring all ingredients to boil. Add carrots and let boil corbin 10-15 minutes. Cover and let boil another 10-15. You want them soft but not too soft! Remove carrots when done and set aside. Add a little water to remaining sauce left in pan, bring to boil and then toss in about 1 cup of raw pecans. Bring to boil again and let cook until nuts are on the softer side. About 10-12 minutes. When done put nuts in food processor and grind up. A few seconds and they will look like ground meat! Put some olive oil in a sauté pan and start your pecan chili! Add in, on medium to high heat, your pecans, seasoning salt of your choice, chili pepper, ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, agave and sauté until done. Throw your dogs on a cast iron skillet or grill To get those grill marks and you’re ready to dress your carrot dog. Enjoy!

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  • 8-10 Carrots, full sized, peeled with ends cut off
  • 2c. Water
  • 1c. Coconut aminos or soy sauce (I use liquid aminos)
  • Splash to taste A1 Sauce
  • Splash to taste Ketchup
  • Splash to taste Raw agave
  • Splash to taste Liquid smoke
  • Sprinkle to taste Garlic powder
  • 1 c. Pecans
  • To taste Chili pepper
  • To taste Worcestershire sauce
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